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Spraying a potato field, New Sweden, ca. 1922

Contributed by Nylander Museum
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Spraying a potato field, New Sweden, ca. 1922
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Spraying potatoes on A. O. Jepson's farm on Route 161. Potato plants in Aroostook County were sprayed for the Colorado potato beetle. Farmers sprayed the plants with a solution of water, lime, blue vitriol (copper sulfate) and arsenic. Note the potato blossoms.

In 1922 Olof O. Nylander assembled a display of photographs, maps and charts of the Maine Swedish Colony which he displayed at the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of Gothenburg, Sweden. The series of display cards, or samlats, each featured several photographs of homes, businesses and community members from New Sweden, Woodland, Perham and Caribou.

This photograph is from samlat 6.

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